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Oil Changes at Hoffman Audi

Now that spring has arrived, at least according to the calendar, it is time to consider what scheduled maintenance needs to occur in order for your Audi model to continue to run properly. Routine care is something that your car needs when seasons change in order to ensure you have the right parts, accessories, fluids, and to ensure there are no surprises waiting under the hood or anywhere else. When it comes to routine maintenance, your oil changes are something that many customers dread having done despite the high level of importance of these appointments.

Even allowing your vehicle to run late on an oil change could be detrimental to your engine, because the purpose of oil is to act as a lubricant and cooling agent to prevent overheating while also reducing unnecessary wear and tear. In addition to these functions, it also provides a seal for the pistons, cylinder walls, and rings so you get the most out of your engine. When it comes to your Audi model, our service team uses only Audi Genuine Parts for the best fit and performance, because these parts were designed specifically for your vehicle.

Consult your vehicle's owner manual to see what the recommended oil change schedule is for your specific model, then contact our staff to discuss your appointment needs. Oil is essential in reducing the friction in your engine and in maintaining its ability to flush out toxins, so when old oil builds up, it creates a tarnish that could prove deadly to your engine. When spring cleaning comes calling, consider the things your vehicle needs and call us to make an appointment. When it comes to providing the best customer service, East Hartford and Manchester drivers can get it here. Be sure to browse our service specials to see if there is an offer or coupon to help you save on the routine maintenance that your vehicle needs to be road ready for the warm weather and don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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