Service Questions—You’ve Got ‘Em & We’ve Got Answers!

Here’s a Quick FAQ Covering Some Common Audi Service Questions:

If you’re just curious about some of the most common service questions we hear here at Hoffman Audi, check out the section below—but if you have a pressing service need, skip the FAQ and schedule a service appointment to see the experts in our Service Department.



Service 101: Three Big FAQs:

How Often Should I Change My Oil?

Unfortunately, we can’t answer this one easily. The short answer would be: It depends. What it depends on can vary, too: how often you drive, where you drive, your own personal driving style, and the Audi model you own will all affect how frequently your oil should be changed, and moreover, what type of oil to use. The good news is, your Audi Owner's Manual should recommend an oil-change interval for your model, and our Audi technicians can always offer a second opinion!

Why Is It Important to Visit an Audi-Certified Technician?

Well, when you drive something as elegant and sophisticated as an Audi A4, Q5, or S5, you don’t want just anyone fiddling around under the hood, right? You’d want an expert, someone who has trained specifically to work on your vehicle, an Audi pro—and that’s why East Hartford Audi owners pick Hoffman Audi’s professional service center for services big and small!

Do I Really Need to Change My Wiper Blades Every Six Months to a Year?

Short answer: Yep.
Better answer: If your wiper blades get warped, frayed, or cracked, this can seriously impact your visibility while driving in rain, snow, or other messy conditions. Let's be real, Hartford isn't known for calm, mild winters, so make sure your wiper blades are ready to go when you need them and replace blades that are showing signs of wear before you have to deal with the consequences of poor visibility!

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