Service Question & Answer with Hoffman Audi—Round 2

Last Month, We Answered Three Service FAQs—This Month, We're Back With Three More!



As always, we at Hoffman Audi are in the business of keeping drivers in the East Hartford, Hartford, Manchester, CT and West Springfield, MA area safe and happy in the outstanding Audi models they love. In order to do that, we field a team of expert Audi technicians and rock a state-of-the-art, professional service center.

And again, as always, if the time for service is coming up, don't delay, schedule your appointment with Hoffman Audi today—then, read on to check out our three service questions for today. Oh, and the tweet above here? While the service special it shows has expired, you can always take a peek at our current service specials to see what we have on rotation right now. Okay, onto the FAQs!

We're Back With Three More Service FAQs—Read On to Grow Your Knowledge

Q—How often should I rotate my tires?
A—It's generally recommended that you rotate your tires every other oil change, but your Audi Owner's Manual should have a specific recommendation for your model and your tires.

Q—What are the benefits to rotating my tires?
A—The reason you need to rotate your tires is to prevent premature wear and tear, which can actually worsen your traction while eroding the lifespan of your tires, forcing you into a new set of tires sooner than if you'd simply had them rotated! Speak to our technicians about tire rotations if you have any questions—we can also check for uneven wear and tear!

Q—Can I check for uneven wear and tear on my tires?
A—Yes! You certainly can. An easy way to see if your tires are wearing unevenly is to bring a ruler or tape measure out to your vehicle and measure the tread-depth in three – four different places on the same tire, repeating the process for each of your four tires. If the measurements from one tire are all different, that indicates uneven tread-depth, i.e. uneven wear and tear.

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